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      As I pursue starting a laundromat, I keep stressing out about the one aspect of this business that is not ideal for my family. While we don’t vacation a whole lot, we do go away once or twice a year, and as my parents age across the country, there will be more occasions that I might have to drop everything and fly away for a week or two. I know that vacations are scarce for entrepreneurs, but also that plenty of laundromat owners must take occasional vacations? In those cases, for those of you who do not have a general manager who handles collections for you regularly, who do you ask to do it? I’m brainstorming people in my network who I would trust to do it, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to be told no by all of them. It is a task that involves a certain amount of risk and I can’t imagine the person that is driven to take on the risk for a company that isn’t theirs. I even wondered if maybe distributors or laundromat mechanics can be relied on to do this kind of thing on an occasional basis?

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