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Laundromat Resource is dedicated to helping you find financial freedom through laundromat ownership. This business is one of the best businesses you can be a part of!

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Benefit from their decades of experience, sidestep common mistakes, and gain insights that could otherwise take years. Our experts, having weathered industry storms, are ready to share proven strategies. It's more than cost-saving; it's about priming your business for immediate success. Seize this chance to learn from industry leaders!

As a seasoned multi-store owner and the driving force behind Laundromat Resource, Jordan transformed his initial challenges and costly lessons from his first laundromat purchase into actionable insights. He’s passionately committed to three core objectives:

  1. Guiding you to make informed decisions for your inaugural laundromat venture.
  2. Enhancing your laundromat’s efficiency for both community impact and profit maximization.
  3. Assisting in scaling your business, if that aligns with your vision.

With over 1,000 consultations, Jordan’s expertise has guided many to success. And the rave reviews are testament to that!

Boasting almost four decades in the laundromat sector, Andrew has worn many hats: from owning a chain of laundromats, serving as a broker and consultant, to gracing the Laundromat Resource Podcast as a distinguished guest. His deep-rooted expertise, meticulous approach, and fervor for the industry ensure that you’ll tap into a reservoir of wisdom without investing the years he has. Andrew’s journey offers a shortcut to the essence of the laundromat business.
Raised amidst the hum of laundromats and now a multi-store owner spearheading a burgeoning laundry service, Lauren embodies the dynamism of the laundry sector. Beyond her hands-on laundry experience, she boasts over ten years in marketing and advertising consultancy. Her prowess spans market research, brand evolution, strategic launches, and driving demand through campaigns. Whether you’re embarking on your laundry venture or aiming to elevate your current services, Lauren’s profound insights are your roadmap to achieving your business aspirations.

Here are the primary areas of assistance we provide:

One-Time Consulation

Ideal for those with specific queries, analyzing potential acquisitions, or seeking guidance on their laundromat’s direction. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned owner, our one-time consultation offers immense value quickly and affordably. After booking, send any documents for review to [email protected].

Consulting Package

Whether you want help analyzing a laundromat acquisition or taking your laundromat to the next level, a Consulting Package will help you get farther, faster. Engage in a weekly call with an industry veteran who will give you the guidance you need to take your next steps.
Tailored Consultation & Digital Solutions

Laundromat Resource wants to help you succeed in this business.

Jordan always says, “If you get into this business right the first time, the sky is the limit! But, if you don’t, it can be tough to dig your way out.” And he would know! He didn’t get in right. And now he’s on a mission to make sure no one else has to learn the hard (and expensive!) lessons he learned the way he learned them. That’s why he created his consulting and coaching programs! Learn his expensive lessons inexpensively!

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4. Digital Marketing

Stepping into the digital age with your laundromat? We’ve got you covered! Dive into our digital marketing service tailored just for laundromat businesses like yours. We blend traditional laundromat know-how with modern digital strategies, ensuring your business shines online. From local search optimization to engaging social media campaigns, we’re here to help you connect with your community and keep those washers spinning.

People can’t do business with you if they can’t find you. It has never been more important to be digitally discoverable.
There are people in your city that may never see or step foot in your laundromat. Expanding online multiplies the possibilities of reaching every laundry basket in your area.
A brand is a powerful tool that fosters customer loyalty. Customer loyalty translates into repeat business year after year.
Your online presence the perfect place to begin collecting and showcasing the rave reviews of your happy customers. Establish credibility and allow your faithful customers to help you spread the word.

Client Reviews

Read What Our Coaching Clients Think About Our Coaching Services!

Elizabeth LoCicero
Elizabeth LoCicero
Read More
Jordan was VERY knowledgeable and thorough during our consultation. He answered more questions than I was prepared to ask and became an invaluable resource for my start in the laundromat journey. If there were more stars I would give more than 5. Very satisfied ending our call and more motivated than ever. Thank you, Jordan!!
Bob Beck Jr
Bob Beck Jr
Read More
I cannot say enough good things about the knowledge Jordan has. What makes him different is he is able to break it down to your level so you understand. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Richard Lee
Richard Lee
Read More
Very helpful information. I did not expect him to provide me with such useful information for FREE. Great guy who wants to see people in the business to do better.

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