Who We Are

Laundromat Resource stands as a vanguard in the laundromat industry, dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and resources. Established by industry connoisseurs, our platform is meticulously designed to cater to both entrepreneurs and adept laundromat proprietors.
Who We Are
We're blowing the lid off the laundromat industry.

We're blowing the lid off the laundromat industry.

Researching the laundromat industry and finding it difficult to find specific information and answers to your questions? We had the same experience! That’s why we’re blowing the lid off the laundromat industry. Information about owning laundromats should be readily available. The secrecy and dishonesty is the way business was done in the past. Now, transparency and integrity rule the business world. We believe we’ll all be more successful together! Join the community to learn, grow, contribute, and succeed!

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Our Commitment

At LaundromatResource.com, we are steadfast in our commitment to elevating the standards of the laundromat industry and guiding our members towards achieving their entrepreneurial aspirations. Join us in redefining excellence in the world of laundromats.

With information comes increased value for you and your business. We strive not only to provide valuable information to laundromat owners, but also to create an atmosphere conducive to sharing communal wisdom and advice.
As a social media site, laundromat owners and prospective laundromat owners come here to teach, learn, grow, and succeed! We feature content by our community in the forums, on the Laundromat Resource Podcast, and in our blog!
At Laundromat Resource, our seasoned experts are deeply versed in the industry. We ensure our members receive accurate and practical advice. Whether you’re starting, expanding, or facing profitability challenges, we’re committed to your success. Book a session with us and journey towards financial freedom through laundromats.
From detailed guides to interactive webinars, we offer a wide array of resources tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of the laundromat business.
Jordan Berry

Jordan Berry

CalBRE # 01527225

As a seasoned owner of multiple laundromats and a commercial real estate agent, Jordan embarked on a quest for comprehensive insights into the laundromat industry during his initial foray. However, he encountered a notable dearth of specific, actionable information, leading to significant missteps in his early acquisitions. This experience, coupled with the challenges these oversights presented, catalyzed the inception of Laundromat Resource. Jordan’s vision was clear: to ensure that no aspiring laundromat entrepreneur would navigate the industry without access to transparent, pertinent, and comprehensive guidance. With a firm conviction in collective growth and success, he has meticulously cultivated LaundromatResource.com into a collaborative community, emphasizing mutual education, shared experiences, and joint prosperity. (Fun side note: the tie in the picture was from the lost and found in one of his laundromats! Score!)


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Possess expertise in the laundromat sector or commercial real estate? We continually seek knowledgeable individuals to impart their insights, expertise, and lessons to our esteemed community. Consider joining us as a distinguished guest on the Laundromat Resource Podcast.

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