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    Hello All,

    I am looking to start WDR service but I am having trouble finding any resources for the standards for the washing process. Everyone washes their clothes a little different so what process do you teach your employees as to the “correct” way to wash (I guess dry and fold as well) the clothes? Folding I would imagine we would just want the most efficient way for employee time and space that the folded clothes take up. I have looked at other laundromats that offer WDF and some say they separate lights and darks and wash with cold water and dry with medium heat. This seems like the simplest and probably safest way to go in terms of damaging cloths or anything. Are companies that are doing 100s of pounds of drop off throwing clothes, towels, and sheets in together? I am sure some are to save time and money but is that an acceptable way of doing this? Most people would separate those ideas if they were doing it themselves but it does seem like a lot of time and money could be saved if we were able to do it all in one load.

    Looking forward to hearing anyone’s input or resources that people have used to train their employees on the “proper” way to wash and dry for drop off service.

    Thank you,

    Chris Puglisi

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