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    Jordan Berry

      I was unable to evaluate the laundromat as it has been closed for a year and had zero customers. The landlords price was madness but I agreed to open the place and see. I’ve been open and operating for a month and it seems to do $1200 a week. The rent alone is $7000 a month so I have a massive problem if I want to stay with this deal and make this work.

      I’m using curbside for my POS but I’m finding online pickup and delivery orders are non existant. Maybe 1 a week with the software costing $400 ish a month.

      I have put flyers on every parked car and apartment door for 5 blocks in every direction. The flyers don’t have an offer just an announcement that the laundromat is back.

      I am priced $20 lower than the competition which there are 3 laundromats within a mile.

      I’m running Google Ad words and have spent $60 for 40 clicks and 1000 impressions but nothing has shown up on my website traffic.

      Does anyone have any idea what offers or tactics I can do to make this work? I will take my findings to the landlord and recommend the rent come down or I will have to walk while I still have a get-out clause.

      Help, please.

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