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    Jordan Berry

      I am looking at an established laundromat with 23 washers and 21 dryers. Mix of Maytag(16 washers and 16 dryers) and Hubesch(7 washers and 5 dryers). The Hubesch are all new in 2022. Two of the Maytag washers(18 lb and 35 lb) need repair. Three of the Maytag 30 lb stacking dryers need repair. Owner has not disclosed what the needed repairs are, but assures me they are repairable. Should I insist all units be in working order in my offer or do I lower my offer to account for the repair expense and possible replacement cost? I do plan to have the machines inspected as part of due diligence.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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