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    Nolan Freeland

      Hi All,

      I Found a laundromat for sale, however the landlord is a large grocery store chain that will not renew the lease. I have contacts higher up inside the company and still no dice. My only option is to relocate the laundromat. The seller wants to sell the equipment for 90K. Is mostly all 2012-2018 Electrolux machines. My question is, is it worth doing this deal building out a new space, and buying all the existing equipment?

      What makes a good location?
      What kind of costs (Rule of thumb) am I looking at building out a new location with gas, 3-phase electric, plumbing, venting, etc? Anything I’m missing or should know?

      Any insight would be helpful.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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