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      Andrew Bouse

        You have a laundromat that needs

        24 30lb dryers

        (Dexter or speedqueen) and

        18 toploaders. What do you do? What do you do..

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        Tim Cheung

          Take it to 3 different suppliers and see which one gives you the best comparable cost.

          You may prefer Dexter, but if you can save 10K or more by going to Speed Queen or let’s say Hubesch, Why not ?

          What do you think ?

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          Jason Dodge

            That’s a lot of top loaders. Sounds like its time to consider a retool and reconfigure your equipment mix. Go bigger front load if you can. I’m not against top loaders like many are, but you don’t need that many. Just my two cents but every store and location is different.


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