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      Katelyn Norman

        My name is Katelyn Norman. My family and I own laundromats in and around the Augusta, Georgia area. My dad started in 2001 with his first laundromat/car wash combo and now my husband, Casey, and I have joined in to make it a true family affair. We currently have 6 stores (Peanut’s Laundry), with a new one being built and scheduled to open this fall. My dad chose the name Peanut’s Laundry because it was his childhood nickname. If you were to visit our small town, you might still hear someone call him “Peanut.” Needless to say we eat, sleep, and breathe laundromats and are loving the new podcast!

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        Jordan Berry

          Hey Katelyn! Very cool story! I would love to talk shop sometime and hear more about your story. You should also come on the podcast! That would be so cool to hear more about your family’s experience with laundromats! 🙂 https://www.laundromatresource.com/podcastguest

          Welcome to the community!

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          Oscar Uribe

            Hi, Katelyn. Sounds like you’re laundromat royalty!! With a name like Peanuts y’all are bound for MAD success.

            Share something good about picking a name and other marketing!

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