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    Jordan Berry

      We are just over a month and a half in with our new laundromat. We went in with another couple and we sat down going over everything that needed to be done prior and what it would entail to get it up and running (it was pretty run down). Everyone was in Agreement that it was all hands on deck to get things done before the new machines come in October. The problem is, now they don’t want to put time in. The one partner has only stopped in to clean 4 times since the purchase.
      My thoughts have always been it’s time or money that a partner brings to the table. How would you figure out a percentage of what they should put in financially if they are choosing not to put in any time? Or am I missing something else? Also note because of the inspection done a week after we purchased, it could be potentially cancelled in 2 weeks because of the report we received a few weeks after we purchase. My husband has been working diligently to get those fixed before the deadline.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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