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    Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows of any brokerage firms in my area that have a premium service you pay extra for to get listings expedited to you. I was looking for laundromats for about 6 months last year, then my sister had her first baby so we took time off from looking. My sister is going to help me run my first and hopefully many laundromats later down the road. So I have been back on the market looking for the past 5 months and have not had luck with brokers in my area. Some are just really rude on the phone and I cant believe they even own a business. Then others just stop communicating with you after you turn down the first laundromat they send you. My experience has been more on the lower scale of efficiency. I already paid this laundromat consultant a few hundred dollars last year and he said that there was no expiration date on it, but that it is only good for 1 laundromat. I found him on youtube and saw he had his business in New York which is under 30 minutes from where I live. Any help would be much appreciated because mostly the brokers are in control it seems like of accumulating many businesses for sale in my area.

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