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    Hi All —

    Loving the podcasts and just now dipping into this community!

    **I am not currently (yet) a laundry or laudromat owner**

    My Dad has been in commercial laundry for 40 years, mainly in healthcare. I had the privilege of working with and learning from him for 6.5 years. Since that short stint in commercial laundries, I stepped away to work in horticulture for the past three years.

    And I can’t believe I’m being potentially being drawn back into…LAUNDRY!!! 🙂

    He is planning to retire in 2-4 years and considered joining me in a venture that would highlight his expertise and meet two growing opportunities in the greater Indianapolis area: 1) Fluff & Fold and 2) Hygienically-clean. We would also consider having an attended laundromat space for walk-ins, but the majority of business would be bulk washing with commercial chemistries to lower cost per pound and provide a clean certification using PAA. It *seems* like the market would appreciate a “hygienically-clean” guarantee post-Covid but I am not sure. (In healthcare laundries, routine microbial testing is required.)

    Even though together we could be considered experts in *cleaning dirty laundry* and have connections in many aspects of the broader industry, we don’t know much about starting or scaling a business like this. That’s why I’m here trying to learn from you all. Thanks for letting me be here!


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