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      Chris Stark

        Hey Everyone,

        New owner of The Laundry Lounge in Atlanta Georgia. I have been operating for a full week now and I am trying to move away from paper records for cash reconciliation/coin collections. I built a basic spreadsheet but I hope that someone on the board can provide me with a more advanced version.

        What systems, processes or documents do you use during your daily operations? Drop me an email at [email protected]. I have a ton of documents to share as well. Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Chris, here is a version I use to to calculate my collections :


          The main benefit is that it automates the allocation of the collection over the last x days. For example, if you did your first collection in three days, it will provide you with the average that was collected per day since your last collection. Additionally, there is functionality for a “modifier”. In my case, I use electricity bills as my modifier and allocate to each day based on how much electricity was used (I download this from my electricity provider). However, you can enter any modifier you would like.

          You can enter the amounts you collect from Top Loaders, Front Loaders & Dryers in each column or you can add them all collectively to one column instead if you don’t want to see granular results. If you enter the data in columns G-I, everything else should auto-populate (e.g. graphs, pivot charts). I put dummy values in there for demonstration purposes. Hopefully this helps – let me know if you need anything adjusted. You can make a copy of the workbook so that you can enter your own values.

          Sorry if this is a bit convoluted but hopefully it seems a little clearer when you start using the spreadsheet.

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            Bryan Wilson

              Thanks for this spreadsheet
              I’m taking over my store on Tuesday, and we will collect daily to get a feel for the store. What areas are the bottlenecks, and what’s not used
              I Will play around with this

              Thank you

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              Wow this excel is great! Thank you for sharing this resource~!

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          Laundromat Resource Forums Laundromats New Owner – In need of excel spreadsheets for coin collections