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      Jesse Kuhns

        Hi. Im Jesse from Laredo Texas. I just purchased my first mat and started opperations on 12/1. Excited and ready to learn. Ive been at it 6 days and I think my hands are permanently cramped from rolling quarters!

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        Jordan Berry

          Hey! Congrats Jesse! I’d love to hear how it’s going so far!

          Are you not recycling the quarters back into the change machines? I don’t usually roll quarters. I take them out of the coin boxes, count them, then refill the changers with them. Then I take the cash from the changers and deposit that in the bank.

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          Juan Vazquez

            Hi Jesse,

            Welcome and congratulations. You’ll get used to the cramps. Like Jordan mentioned, I recycle mine but rolling quarters is an effort that you will be unable to soon escape generally speaking. Let us know how the new mat is doing.

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