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    Hey everyone. My name is Javier, and I’m from North Orange County in California. I’m new to the laundromat resource scene, but I’ve longed to own several laundromats so I can end my 9-5 rat race and truly live on my terms. A bit about me, I’m a father, and husband to an amazing family. They’re my real reason I keep pushing for greater success. I currently work in the construction industry as a special inspector. I basically interpret building plans and codes, and I ensure that’s exactly what is being built on the jobsite. I learned this trade through an apprenticeship and I realized if I can learn how to build a building from the ground up, I can learn how to buy, own, and run laundromats. Thus why I’m here. I was thrilled to see such a resource available and I had to take advantage of the information. Thank you for all for your time. We’ll chat again real soon.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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