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    Emily K

      I came across the Laundromat Resource Podcast recently and I’ve been working my way through each of the episodes.

      I’ve been thinking about Laundromat Businesses for some time, I just haven’t taken the plunge.

      I’m always looking through business or commercial properties for sale and I came across a Laundromat that I think might be a great starting point.

      Im in the process of waiting on the financials to make sure everything adds up, and during this time I’ve been on the lookout for other opportunities.

      Is there anyone in Australia, NSW who could recommend a broker or any other Laundromats for sale near me. Unlike the US, laundromats are far and few in-between here and its difficult to find the right fit.

      I have also contemplated establishing one from scratch, however I’m unsure of how much a fit out would cost.

      I’ve contacted a Speed Queen distributor, however I haven’t had any response thus far.

      Any tips for a newbie in Aus?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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