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    First post here other than the newbie introduction!

    I have a question on the financing side of a new store build out. Hopefully the lenders on here or those owners who have gone through what I’m experiencing might have some insight.

    We’re converting an old doctor’s office into a laundromat so it’s a FULL gut and build out. I’ve paid for the engineer to draw up the plans, the city has approved our plans, demo is about done, but now comes the expensive part!

    I’m running into two scenarios: One, the general contractors who can do the entire project are quoting super high. Like crazy high it seems.

    And two, I’ve been getting bids from other contractors, but what I’m running into is some of them can do 3/4 of the job. For example, they will do the framing, electrical, and plumbing, but won’t quote the HVAC. I have been able to piece together bids from, say, 3 different contractors, to come up with an overall cost.

    I’m going to need financing to complete the build out, so my question is, what do the lenders like to see in this situation? Will they want to see bids from contractors who say they will do the entire project, but maybe $70k (again, CA prices!) more than when I piece together all the bids? Do lenders like to see all the scenarios? Once I get all my quotes together I’m going to begin applying for a loan on the buildout, but I’d like to be as organized as possible when sending as to not waste anybody’s time.

    Any advice will help. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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