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    Hola! I’ve been listening to the podcasts on and off since about a month or so after Jordan started it. I have a small residential multifamily and was working on jumping into the commercial multifam side of things (have a 6 unit under contract now!) but always was interested in owning a Laundromat… I’ve been mentioning it in various convos with friends and low and behold there’s about 4-6 women who are interested and we may potentially go in on one together!

    I’ve had an initial call with Jordan already a couple months back but I figured its time to stop kicking the can and introduce myself on here 🙂

    I’ll be making my way through ALL the forum posts (yes I’m a little OCD) to connect with people here… hopefully I can add value even though I don’t have a store yet.

    Jordan’s podcasts have been TREMENDOUS in giving info/resources and operational strategies and I keep a running list of nuggets from the podcasts.

    Right now the next step for me is really learning how to underwrite a laundry and make sure I’m not over paying, so will be combing through for that info on here as well. Thanks and I look forward to “meeting” you guys!

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