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    Jordan Berry

      Hey y’all,

      Masyn Barney here. I am a residential real estate agent and investor in Utah County, Utah. I recently got interested in laundromats and have been hustling trying to purchase one. There are currently 0 for sale in Utah so it is difficult for sure. I have been sending letters, cold calling, and visiting laundromats near me trying to meet owners. I have found a small but mighty one near me with owners near retirement age. I have sat down and met with them to hear their story. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite ready to sell.

      So for now I am trying to stay active by learning all I can and reaching out to new owners often. I’d love to connect with any of you and build up my network. Especially if you are in Utah/Idaho, Colorado (where I spend my time). Any tips are welcome any time. Hopefully I can also be a resource for others as well. Thanks!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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