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      Dan Arnett

        Okay, so I have learned a little in the past year in the business, but I am always still learning and trying to improve. Our, we will call it EX-Zombiemat now, has made some improvements for sure, but we have a ways to go. The old owner had exhaust fans in both rooms behind the dryers!!! Yep! Blowing out! You know, so the driers were fighting a vacuum already.

        My question is this, what do most folks in the northern climates use to allow make up air in behind their dryers? Louvers/dampers? Those big, round chrome things on the roof?

        Any advice is appreciated.

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        Shawn Norcross

          Hi Dan,
          I’m in Georgia so I don’t know what they do up north. Maybe you can turn those fans around so they blow into the area behind the dryers instead of out? Are the fans adjustable for speed? If so, you could use the lower speeds?
          Just brainstorming here.
          Good luck

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          Jason Dodge

            I’m in Wisconsin and we use all of the above. I have louvers and I also have big holes in the roof with ducting of course. Its always really cold or hot in that back room depending on the season.

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            Ryan Foster


              Always go big with make up air.
              Get the specs on the dryers you have and your local gas company prob will give you a consult on how much make up air you need and best how to get it done.

              But always go big.

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                Shawn Norcross

                  Ryan that’s great advise. I didn’t know the gas company will do that. Thank you

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