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    I started mailing laundromats in my area a few months ago and finally got a call back. I have sent out 60 letters and today my phone rang with an interested seller. I wasn’t in a good spot to talk so we agreed that he would call me back tomorrow afternoon. I am little nervous but also excited. I honestly don’t know a thing about the his business yet but looking at it through pics etc it looks very promising. It does look like its in good condition so I’m guessing the owner will want top dollar. Whether I end up purchasing it or not it will be good practice in vetting a laundry mat.

    I want to thank Jason Dodge for his book. In my second mailing I used his suggestion for the wording of the letter and it clearly worked! Thanks Jason!

    Also if anyone has questions that would be appropriate for a first convo let me know.

    Jose Santos

      Hey Alex,

      How did the conversation with the laundromat go??? Did you finally buy one??



    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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