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    Hi all,
    First time poster!

    I’ve been wanting to get into the laundromat business for a few years. A local store recently went up for sale $125k, machines about 15 year old Maytags. 23 dryers, 27 washers.

    85% self service
    8% wash/fold
    7% misc (I’m guessing vending?)

    It says numbers are based off of owner-operator.

    I work from home full time (since 2015) and have pretty good flexibility in my job. I’m wondering would it make sense to get rid of wash/fold altogether and go for a semi-absentee type since it only makes up a small %? I want to grow the business of course but want to still work my FT job as well in the beginning and then work up to pick/delivery.

    Any thoughts/opinions would be helpful.

    Thanks much!
    (Ps love the podcast – just started listening.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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