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    Jordan Berry

      Hi Guys,

      I’m looking into potentially buying my first laundromat, which is currently fully unattended and operates on both a coin and payment app basis. My goal is to run the business with the minimal level of involvement possible. One of my concerns is security issues / nuisances that arise from the homeless, etc. The laundromat is located in a reasonably safe, but still rough area and when visiting it recently I was taken aback by two incidents of homeless individuals that entered the laundromat, loitered, and caused a disturbance in the 30 minutes that I was there alone. An idea that came to mind was whether it would be feasible and ultimately beneficial to set up electronic access to the laundromat via a mobile app (ideally the one currently used for payments). Clearly safety is one of the most important factors for customers, and as an owner ensuring only paying customer have access to the premises would be in my best interest as well. Does the group have any thoughts / wisdom to share on this subject? I’m mindful it could end up deterring a portion of the customers (those that are coin based in particular), but query whether the net net would be favourable overall? Thanks in advance!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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