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      Brian Rheaume

        Hi, all! I’ve been listening to Jordan’s podcasts and enjoying them, especially the ones with Dave and Luke. I currently own four stores in Connecticut and are currently looking to expand our brand. I’m retired as a VP in the broadcast industry and acquired my first store in 2017. My wife and I run our stores as our full time jobs along with a staff of 10.

        Brian Rheaume

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        Ronald Morris

          Hey Brian,

          Welcome to the forum! That’s great you own so many stores and with staff. Im sure youll get many questions and have great insight for many of us newbies.

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          Jordan Berry

            Welcome Brian! Glad you’ve been enjoying the podcast! Dave and Luke are awesome guys. Sounds like you might need to come on the podcast and tell your story and share some wisdom. I’ll link to the page below in case you’re interested. 🙂

            Super glad you’re here! Hope to get to know you better soon!

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            Brian Rheaume

              Sounds good, Jordan. Just finished listening to this past week’s podcast this morning!

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              Oscar Uribe

                You got the touch, Brian. Do you vote for cash investment or using OPM?

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