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    I’m selling a laundromat in Dalton GA that I purchased earlier this year. I got a good buy price on the business because it was handed down to the daughter from her sick Father, who owned it for over a decade.  Here’s some more info and the BizBuy link.  Please contract me through the link if you’re interested in learning more and only if you’re a serious potential buyer


    Machines are about 12 years old

    Washers – Dexter

    T- 300: Count 7

    T- 400: Count 18

    T- 600: Count 3

    T- 900: Count 3

    Dryers – Dexter

    Stack dryers(x2) -16

    Total of 31 Washers

    Total of 32 Dryers

    Store is about 2000 sq ft



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