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      Tim Cheung

        Quick question, in the podcast with Branden, he mentioned something that perked my interest.

        He mentioned that in his Laundromats that he is investing in larger machines, 100lbs and 60lbs.

        I Live in a city that has 117,000 people but only has 2 coin operated laundromats within the city and another 30 minutes out.

        All of these laundromats have 20lbs, 30lbs, but not many bigger machines.

        I’m a newbie and am researching at this moment but I am leaning towards bigger machines with a free dry with higher vend prices to offset.

        What do you think ? If I did this it would definitely distinguish me as different from the others as I would have the biggest machines in the city.

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        Branden Unnerstall

          Hey Tim ,if you’re in a town of 117,000 with only two laundronats you’ll be great! We figure for every 15,000 you should have a nice 3,000 sq ft store. If you have any more questions call me 6185589900

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          Tim Cheung

            Thanks, Jordan for your quick response.

            I should be a little more clearer. 2 coin operated laundromats and 3 drycleaners.

            All have drop off and fold. But only 2 that are coin operated and they are both small laundromats about 1000sq ft and 1400 sq ft.

            With my town you would think that a 3000 sq ft store would be amazing, but like Branden says, most people now are going with larger machines as for 20lbs why wouldn’t you do it at home ?

            I have about 10K saved, but no where near enough to buy as of yet.

            I do love all you you tube videos and I thank you for doing them, I’m so sorry you had to go through the pain of your first 2 laundromats, but I give you a big thumbs up for helping all who are trying to own their own so they don’t have to go through that.

            I will do the free consulting call, when I think that all my ducks are in a row though.

            Thanks again.

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            Jason Dodge

              Tim, bigger machines are where the industry is going. Customers repeatedly come in and drop a basket in front of a washer and ask, is this the biggest washer you have? For that reason alone having the biggest washers right by the front door are strongly encouraged. Free dry is a hot topic and owners are either on board with it or hate it. I personally feel that it is simply a marketing strategy that will drive traffic and as long as you charge more for the wash it won’t hurt your bottom line at all.

              As far as population, I personally feel that as long as that population is mostly lower income families and a good percentage, 35% or higher, of them are renters then you should be good. There is a formula for this that I could email you if you want.


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                Frankie Riddle

                  Hi Jason,

                  I am looking to purchase my first laundromat. Would you forward me a copy of the formula you mentioned above. My email is [email protected].



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                Tim Cheung

                  Hi Jason, yes, please send me the formula also.

                  Thanking you in advance,

                  My email is: [email protected]

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                  Jason Dodge

                    Please check your email. I sent some sample spreadsheets that I use to interpret demographics.

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