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        Hi – I plan on offering free wi-fi to customers. I am curious how much bandwidth you are purchasing from your internet provider? Comcast offers 200mbps for $168 ranging up to 1 Gig for $400 per month.
        Much steeper than what I expected!

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        Robert Anderson

          I offer my customers free wifi. There are often several of them on it at the same time without any issues. Using Spectrum Business 200mbps. Currently I’m paying $95 per month and that includes $15 for a static IP (to run my security camera system). Has been running smoothly few years now.

          This is huge for me as my local competitors do not offer wifi.

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          Jason Dodge

            200 should be plenty of speed

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            Ryan Foster


              Be sure to limit access to the wifi for customers only
              In my area and I’m sure in others..if you just post the wifi password ..vagrants or other non customers will post up either inside or outside your mat using wifi.
              Not a good look

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                Thanks everyone for the responses!

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                Kalvin Sid

                  We have a 1400 sf coin-op. Is 35 mbs enough?

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