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      I realize this is a ridiculous question, but I wanted to get your attention! For real though: as a beginner, I’d like to get a realistic feel for the average cost of different types of laundromat purchases. Let’s hear what it costs to start a big, brand new facility in a major metro, to buy an old run-down facility in a mid-sized west coast metro, and the cost to open a new facility in a small town in the south. After listening to hours upon hours of podcasts in a very short time, I’ve realized that I still have no idea what to even expect when shopping around. There was a listing in the very outskirts of my metro for $100k recently. I heard one podcast interviewee say he bought a run-down laundry for $2500! Then the commercial lender got on and made it sound like most laundromats cost about $200k, which was depressing to me. So, what’s your experience? What type of laundromat have you bought, and what did it cost?

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