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      Tim Nelson

        Hello from the Tar Heel State! As a kid, my family had a dry-cleaning business in Southern California. I remember working the counter, asking “starch, or no starch, Sir?” That taught me that there was money to be made in cleaning clothes, and obstacles to overcome in any business. I currently own a construction company and would like to renovate an existing laundromat if possible. I am looking to purchase my first laundromat by this summer. Looking forward to corresponding with this community!

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          I would say you have a unique advantage or base of knowledge related to renovating and or preparing a space for a new store.

          Would be interested to hear you thoughts on the estimates from laundry distributors to build out the infrastructure of converting a new or existing retail space into a mat. Maybe I will start a thread or topic on that for people looking to find spaces to convert/build.

          Sounds like you are in the hunt to find an existing store you can improve/rehab which avoids those infrastructure costs.

          Hopefully in your area there are stores for sale or stores you can find for sale.

          In my area stores rarely come up for sale. Which has me considering a new store.

          Welcome, Jordan and the gang here share information and encourage people rather than create walls/barriers, which can happen with some of the jaded industry veterans.

          If you have the time to listen I have picked up a lot of interesting information and nuggets from the people/store owners that come onto his podcast.

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          Shawn Norcross

            Welcome Tim!!
            I’m fairly new to this forum also. And like you I’m looking to get my first mat soon. Unlike you I know nothing about construction so I’m looking at existing mats.
            Good luck in your endeavors and reach out if you think I may be of any help.

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            Jordan Berry

              Tim! I was cracking up at the LaundroMATES! haha
              Welcome to the community! Hopefully you’ll find some info to help you get that first laundromat under your belt! Glad to help anyway I can!

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