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    Wow, impressed in your creation already – I nearly got sucked in to meet on a street corner back to back with the King…. Love your podcasts, energy and heartfelt approach. Cant wait to talk to you….

    I am a sustainability consultancy owner and my income can be variable and I am looking for perpetually profitable slow growing, ‘dull’ business to keep churning away and to be worked on progressively. I would like to own 7 laundromats as a goal and bring sustainability to the core of it.

    I have viewed a zombie mat not for sale but should be, seen the local pinnacle of laundromats, made some connections with customers and people that own them and I am talking to one for sale today.

    I am not in the best preparatory shape financially but have time, skills and advanced business knowledge – Lean / Six sigma and have made millions for large multinationals and would like to apply to my laundromats.

    Cant wait to be part of the community and I am committed to finding the right one in the next 3-6 months

    First thought provoking question. -who here does air drying?



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