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      Tahra Wright

        Hi, I’m Tahra Wright. My husband, Donnell, and I are long time real estate investors looking to expand into the laundromat business. We are located in Union County, NJ (kinda north/kinda central NJ). We think owning and operating laundromats will be a great way to increase our cash flow as my husband looks to leave his corporate job this year. It’s certainly similar in many respects to Real Estate, so we are ready to get started! The Laundromat Resource has been such an excellent learning tool that we became PRO members after listening to the first webinar! We are excited to be here, to get to know all of you and build this business!

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        Juan Vazquez

          Hello Tahra from NJ,

          Welcome and congratulations on you & your husband’s accomplishments and the willingness to expand. Indeed this is a fun, great, rewarding business. To be fair and honest, it will and does have it’s moments but no regrets from my end whatsoever. This has been one of my smartest investments ever. I work full time but have owned our mat for going on 14 years now. No looking back and plenty to be thankful for.

          Good luck and welcome once again.

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            [b]Варвара [/b], Это мне не подходит. Есть другие варианты?

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              [b]Филарет [/b], Мне очень жаль, что ничем не могу Вам помочь. Но уверен, что Вы найдёте правильное решение.

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