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    HI! My husband and I are looking for a laundromat and have been for months. The couple that we’ve tried to put an offer on has not worked out so far – apparently both had just accepted an offer. Very frustrating!

    My husband works full time and plans to continue until we have enough laundromat income to replace our current income. I will be the primary manager of the laundromat since I don’t work now. Just quit my job as a screener at an urgent care in Georgia.

    It’s been incredibly difficult to find a laundromat – not a lot to choose from in Georgia and we are trying to avoid Atlanta because frankly, I worry that if riots started, they may burn it down, or the mayor may get a wild hair and decide laundry is NOT essential. Also, most are over 400k. We would rather buy a cheaper, diamond in the rough so that we have some savings left over as a buffer.

    A personal note – we’ve been happily married (well, mostly) for 29 years and we have 7 kids – most of which are now grown. Raising 7 kids didn’t leave much money to save! But I would not change it. We will find the right laundromat eventually.

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