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      Denise Morton

        Hello from Culver City, California! I am so excited to be a part of the Laundromat Resource community. Talking with Jordan and listening to his podcasts has truly been a game-changer for me, as I am sure all of you would agree! I purchased my first laundromat a little over one year ago… a mere six weeks prior to Covid hitting.

        I share my journey through the blog — I started the blog with the purpose of inspiring men and women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences to “take the plunge” on a business venture that they have dreamed about starting. Please start here: and continue through the posts.
        I am always looking for feedback, suggestions on what to write about, not write about, etc.

        Although we have been open for business during the construction and remodel, I am planning an official ribbon-cutting grand opening celebration for late-March/early-April and would love suggestions on how to spread the word to the community. Councilmember Bonin will do the ribbon cutting, we are putting out a press release and my two local Chambers are helping me promote. I look forward to getting some great ideas from all of you!

        Have a great week!! 🙂

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        Dan Arnett

          Hi and welcome Denise!! We got our store about the same time so I guess maybe that would make us “classmates” or whatever the equivalent laundry term may be! lol.

          Best of luck and cannot wait to check out your blog and learn more about your adventure thus far!

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          Oscar Uribe

            Denise Morton & Dan Arnett are both where I want to be. Congratulations on your first ‘mat.

            Would either of you be willing to share more? Square footage, machine mix, price, % down, attended/unattended, hours of operation, biggest challenge?

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        Laundromat Resource Forums New Member Introductions! Hello from “LaundryBossMom”