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      Jignesh Joshi

        Hey folks,

        100% laundrymat newbie here. Looking to transition from the daily corporate grind to running my own buisness. I grew up in the motel industry, so learned a lot from working with my parents…hopefully some of that will help me better transition to running my own laundromat. Did everything from being a maid, to hotel laundry, to small-medium size handy-man type fixes around the family motel. So not afraid to get my hands dirty and put in the sweat and work.

        While I would feel comfortable buying my first motel due to the 20+ years working along side my parents, I know zero about laundromats. Doing my best to learn and understand the theory before I jump headlong into the practial side of things.

        Looking for a reputable broker in the Jersey City, NJ or NYC areas to help me through my first purchase. Will probably be ‘small-ish’ in the $250K-$350K range. Looking to make the change to being my own boss by EOY 2021.

        Any and all help, advice, resources, contacts, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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        Jerod Watson

          Hi Jignesh,

          I’m in Jersey City and am also a complete newbie to this space. I am looking to escape the corporate rat race as well and think laundromats could be one of the vehicles to do. I’d love to connect further and learn together.

          Let me know!


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          Jignesh Joshi

            Hi Jerod,

            Apologies for not repying sooner. The rat-race has kept me busy and just haven’t had a chance to get my head back into the laundromat game.

            Not sure what area you’re in for JC, but would love to connect and just trade notes/thoughts. Fair warning…I’m super new to this so I’ve got bits and pieces of info so hope that perhaps together we can figure things out so that we both can get into mats and out of the rat races.

            Do you know of a way for us to Direct Mesg eatch other via this forum? I’d like to share my contact info with you and see if we can meet up (virtual or physical) at some point to discuss and learn from each other.

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            Jerod Watson

              No worries. I’m in downtown JC and definitely open to connecting. I am super green as well and am also struggling to find consistent time to build my knowledge in this area. So don’t feel like it’s just you lol.

              Do you have What’s App? We could use that outside of the forum. I was speaking with another newbie from Jersey who may want to join as well. I believe she is in Middlesex County.

              Let me know.

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              Bianca Mendoza

                Hello Jerod and Jignesh! I’m from NJ in Sommerset county. I don’t know much about laundromat besides what I have read and listening to Jordon podcast. I would love to meet with you guys to learn more. You guys can email me at [email protected].

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                Jerod Watson

                  Hi Bianca, thanks for following up. I’m open to connecting. How about we all have a google meet call first?

                  Let me know what days work. I’m generally available after 6pm, except Wednesdays.

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                  Glenn Semeraro

                    Hello Jignesh. I am from North jersey as well. I have had no luck with brokers which stinks. I live around the fort lee area right by the George washington bridge. Went to look at 5 laundromats so far, and the one I liked slipped away. I would love to communicate with others from the same area that are shopping around for a laundromat. My email is [email protected]. Good luck on your travels.


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                Laundromat Resource Forums New Member Introductions! Hello from Jersey City, NJ USA