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      Tom Maricle

        In the past I’ve owned a few restaurants while working full time in my career and now I’m thinking of something that’s more of a side gig and am interested in the Laundromat industry.

        I’m a CPA but have been focused on IT Systems most of my career (so don’t ask for tax advice as I would be a bad resource lol). But as a CPA I am really numbers focused.

        I’m interested in learning more about the industry and possibly finding a small to medium sized spot to try out if the numbers work.

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        Jason Dodge

          Okay, now the depreciation comments makes sense!! A CPA, I kinda figured that was the case. Laundromats are easier than restaurants from what I hear.

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          Tom Maricle

            Boy I’d hope so. Restaurants are very time consuming. Restaurants and bars are pretty fun but even as an absentee owner it’s pretty much a full time job.

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              Hey Tom, hope your search is going well. Recently purchased a laundromat in Arizona and have been thoroughly enjoying it!

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