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    Hi my name is Justin. I live in the Kansas City, MO metro area and I am getting very interested in acquiring a laundromat. Today I went into a run dow laundromat with a one star review. I asked the lady working if she was the owner and she said yes. I may have been too blunt but I asked if she would like to sell and it did not go well from there she stated no she would not like to sell and was irritated as to who said it was for sale then refused my offer to leave my name and number with a “nope, I won’t need it.”
    I’m not one to give up very easy so my question is do I look up public record and get in contact to the building owner? (Unless she owns the building as well) possibly try to buy the building or talk them into leasing to me? Is that possible in anyone’s experience?

    I see this spot as a very good spot and a very good value add. Giving the reviews I don’t see how this location is profitable, but it is also exciting if it is somewhat profitable and could be even more so with adding value.

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