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    Jordan Berry

      Just curious if anyone cares to share.

      When you got into the business, how did you do it, and what would you have done differently now that you know what you didn’t know back then? How did you finance it? Did you use a conventional loan? Did you use some of your cash? Was your first target a laundromat that owned the land, or did you buy the business and signed a lease? Is seller financing more common than not? When you first purchased it, how’d you do it? Just got the ad from a website, or did you actually go to a laundromat and talked/networked with people? What knowledge did you go into when you purchased your first laundromat? Did you know all the questions that would come up? Or did you know a little bit and learned along the way?

      I know I fired off about 20 questions, but curious as to how you got into the business.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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