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    Hey all,

    Curious if people think this is doable. I really wanted to get into the real estate business as I felt I had a good handle on it but as I started to get some momentum having 2 properties the market went haywire so I’ve been looking for other ways to optimize my money. My current properties have ~250k + ~70K in equity, cash flow is ~700/month on each as furnished rentals (no airbnb allowed). I have about ~50k in liquid cash as well. I’ve been looking at laundromats in the <200k range and have found one I’m interested in. Cash flow is estimated ~45k/yr and I’m about to engage in talks with the broker ( have a list prepared from Jordan’s resources and a friend that owns a few businesses). If you were me, how would you go about the financing of said purchase? Aim at cash + sell financing? Use a home equity loan + some cash? Only home equity? Search private financing? A combo of any/all of these? I’ve heard SBA loans can take forever to obtain so the options listed are a bit better?

    Thanks in advance everyone!


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