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    Michelle B

      Hey Laundromat Resource Community,

      We hope you’ve all had the chance to listen to episode 147 of the Laundromat Resource Podcast! In this recent episode, our host, Jordan Berry, had an insightful conversation with retired sheriff and laundromat owner, Chuck Castaneda. They discussed everything from the importance of machine maintenance to dealing with vandalism and homelessness at laundromat locations.

      We would love to hear your thoughts on the episode. What did you find most valuable from Chuck’s experiences? How do you relate to his journey from law enforcement to laundromat ownership?

      Chuck shared some excellent tips on maintenance and community involvement, but one that stood out was his “secret sauce” – emphasizing the importance of drain maintenance and cleanliness. Do you have any laundromat maintenance tips or ‘secret sauce’ strategies that have worked well for you?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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