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    Jordan Berry

      I would really appreciate any insight, feedback, or advice as to if this is a good purchase price or not!

      It’s been in service since 2011, currently the top rated and busiest laundromat in our college town of 100K people.

      Asking price is $595K

      It’s in two retail suites in a shopping center, 4000/sqft total between the two suites.

      5yrs left on lease, with (3) 5yr options.

      2022 sales of $436,000, SDE $215,000

      2021 sales of 336,000, SDE $135,000

      2020 sales of $306,000, SDE $116,000

      2019 sales of $352,000, SDE $162,000

      3 part-time staff

      all machines are dual card/coin

      Drop-Off Wash/Fold service available

      Pick-Up/Delivery service available


      2x100lb Huebsch washer

      1x80lb Maytag Washer

      3x60lb Maytag Washer

      2x60lb Huebsch Washer

      9x30lb Maytag Washer

      2x30lb Huebsch Washer

      6x18lb Maytag Washer

      4xHuesbch Horizon Washer

      5xHuebsch Top Loader Washer


      3x75lb Maytag Dryers

      2×75 Huebsch Dryers

      12x30lb Maytag Stack Dryers(24 dryers total)

      3x30lb Huebsch Stack Dryers(6 dryers total)

      Ozone System

      ArtiClean AWCT-80 Ozone System

      I have P&Ls and Tax info and the above seems accurate, as far as I can tell.

      Thanks for your help!

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