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    Hi All,

    Happy 2022! (from Australia at least)

    Can anyone help me how to breakdown the model and serial number of Dexter Machines? As in what the numbers mean, how old the machine is, etc.
    As I’ve had some people tell me the following number 2070100497059 means the age is 2007 and another one says it is 2001.

    I am looking at purchasing some Dexter used equipment and want to look at refurbishing it so want to make sure I understand the breakdown of models etc. before purchasing parts

    Below are some example serial numbers.

    Model #: WCAD50KCS-21CRSZ
    Serial #: 2100800527229

    Model #: WCAD18KCS-21CR
    Serial #: 2070100497059

    Model #: DDAD30KCS-39CR
    Serial #: 2100600215500

    Adam Ulery

      I really wish someone had replied to this. I have the same question about decoding Dexter serial numbers. There’s pretty much nothing showing up in google searches on this. I spoke with a local Dexter rep who didn’t know. Would be so nice to understand the breakdown, like a VIN on a car.

      Adam Ulery

        I found some answers so I’m sharing the wealth! Big props to the support team at Dexter who were super helpful in providing this info.
        Example: 2050300199999
        For machines 1997-2014
        Digit 1 is century, i.e. 1900 or 2000
        Digit 2 and 3 are year. E.g. 05 is 2005
        Digit 4 and 5 is month E.g. 03 is March

        For newer machines
        1st digit is Washer or Dryer
        1st 2 digits after the dot are year.
        next 2 digits are days of year.

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