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      Bryan Wilson

        In the process of purchasing 2 mats
        We are approaching escrow, and the Brokers same company on both mats are avoiding putting in terms of escrow
        Contingent Upon/Subject to a mutually agreed upon lease

        I ask this for 2 reasons
        1. It leaves open the possibility to negotiate lease terms/fine points to help benefit me in reselling
        2. It doesn’t just lock in the negotiation of term extensions

        Any clue why this is such a hassle

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        Travelle Mason

          Did you find a resolution to this? I’m looking to put in contract myself and I’m right where you are.

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          Jason Dodge

            Commercial landlords can be difficult. I personally don’t even want to lease space anymore.

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              Bryan Wilson

                We just closed escrow and get the keys Tuesday morning
                We got some of the verbiage we wanted not all
                Some the verbiage we requested will be used by the Escrow company in the future to offer the buyer more protections

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