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    Currently looking at Huebsch’s Command, Dexter’s Live, and Speed Queen’s Insights. They all look pretty similar so I was curious if anyone has any insight into the key differences between these brands, their machine tracking software, and their own pay app. I personally have a few Huebsch hardmounts installed and love their customer service but the free upgrades offered by Dexter as new technology becomes available looks like a nice perk. (How often they upgrade tech is another question, though.) I have no experience with either Dexter or Speed Queen. When taking a visit to the other stores in my area, the majority of them have Dexter even though the closest distributor only offers Speed Queen. (There is only one distributor in my state).

    My store is cash only, unattended, and 24hr right now. I want to add in cashless options and move to an even more absentee role to focus on other business ventures. Again, all of the pay apps look similar so what, if any, are the key differences? I would mostly likely keep cash as an option for the time being until I see the majority of my customer base adopt the new payment systems. I don’t know if forcing the move over to all cashless right away will work out well.

    Support is extremely important to me as well as ease of use by customers.

    I appreciate any and all advice, thank you.

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