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      Hello Everyone. Rookie question here. I am trying to figure out how frequently coin boxes need to be collected. Does anyone know how many quarters a coin box holds?
      Thank you for your help.

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        I’m also new here and so I don’t know the answer, but I want to follow this to see what others answer. I will say that I mostly have heard other laundromat owners talk about emptying the boxes every few days…maybe twice a week?

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        Shawn Norcross

          As a long time laundry attendant IMHO the answer is:
          As often as necessary to avoid customer complaints and coins backing up due to the box being full.
          The question of how many coins does the box hold… It depends on the design/size of the box, the vend price for that machine (i.e. higher price=more coins thus fewer turns between emptying the box) and how often the machine is used.
          When the coin box is completely full the coins tend to stack up and can’t be properly counted by the mechanism. It also makes it more cumbersome to remove the coin box from the machine since it is literally overflowing with coins.

          That being said…a hybrid system (card or app as well as coin payments) means less coins to remove from the boxes.
          I hope this helps.

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            John Lee

              Hi Shawn, quick question. Am I naive to think that most/all machines nowadays should be converted to a card/app system considering almost everyone carries a smart phone with them now? Would I be risking ostracizing anyone who wanted to continue paying in cash/coins?


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