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    Have had a renewed interest in getting into laundromats the past few months. I have looked at various online resources for laundromats for sale near me and have had no luck. In the town closest to us there was previously 3 laundromats, now there are only 2 (city of 16k population). I am trying to determine if the market would support an additional laundromat again or if I should try to make contact with the owners of the current laundromats.

    On that note, how do you guys identify and get in contact with owners of existing unattended laundromats to discuss the possibility of purchasing?

    Another question, how small of a market is too small to have a laundromat? We are in the middle of Indiana with a lot of small towns, I know one had a very small laundromat many years ago (8-10 years) but does no longer. The town is 1600 people. Could this support a small laundromat? I am especially interested here because there is a commercial building for sale in the town that has a vacant first floor (previously a restaurant) and 2 rented apartments upstairs. Wondering if I could retrofit the dining area into a small laundromat.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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