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      taylor witt

        I am 2 weeks away from closing on a laundromat and we have used the resources found on this website, which has been very very helpful! Now that we are close to taking ownership, December 1st, I am trying to get a list of items put together for post-close. Are there any resources or a list of items which should be completed post close? Things that should be done immediately, within 30 days, etc…

        The list that I can think of is: switch over domain name and update website, switch email address to go to me, change owner of the Facebook page. Then there are the obvious ones about getting utilities, security system info switched, credit card payment system updated.

        But what items am I missing and I should be thinking about?

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        Jason Dodge

          I know nothing about the location you are buying. But its a great time to look at it with new eyes. What does it need to make it more inviting and customer friendly? Make some improvements at the laundromat. Fresh paint, deep clean, clear signage, equipment improvements to name a few. Immediately locate all the online directories and “claim” the listings as your own. The biggest one is Google business. Claim it and start refreshing the content. Post great pictures of your location and clean up any bad reviews by responding that a new owner has takin over.

          Whenever your in the laundromat, any customers that are there, offer to give them a free wash or dry if they give you a 5 star review on Google.

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            Hi Jason. I’m considering a laundromat listing. It has 2.2 Google reviews from 50 customers. As you mentioned earlier, refreshing the content after buying the business is a good idea. However, I’m concerned about the impact of the poor reviews from previous customers. It seems the Google reviews are becoming a blocker for me in acquiring the laundromat. Should I simply ignore the google review stars for now? Anu suggestion?

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