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    I’ve been exploring various flooring options for my laundromat and was hoping some other with more experience might be able to weigh in. My goal is to make the flooring look as good as possible while minimizing cost. Two big requirements are that they are safe (i.e. no one will slip) and that they do not show dirt too easily. My current flooring requires lots of attention to deal with dirt.

    Currently, my laundromat has worn down tile floors that are broken/stained and, while somewhat functional, really look horrible. I’d be open to possibly rehabing them but I’m pretty sure there isn’t any saving them.

    The options I’ve looked at are epoxy and commercial tile flooring. Doing epoxy correctly (which includes grinding down the current floors and prepping for the epoxy will likely require the store to be shut down for a few days and cost ~$10k. Laying tile floors on top of the current tile would be another option that would require much less work and would likely look pretty decent. However, my experience with tile is that is shows dirt a lot more than epoxy or some other flooring options but it would be great to get some additional opinions.

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