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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone can give advice on how to calculate revenue of dryers through the utility bills?

    Looking at purchasing a laundromat that has 7 washers and 3 speed queen 30lb stack dryers (in Australia so our laundromats are tiny)
    The speed queens are 2005 models and they have a rating of 146,000 BTU/hour. Have been converted to LP gas, so
    1lb of LP = 21,594 BTU

    The utilities bills work out to an average consumption of 30.73 lbs of gas per day with a vend price of $1 AUD for 6 mins.
    My maths was:
    30.73lbs of gas = 663,583.62 BTU
    663,583.62/146,000 BTU hours = 4. 545 hours of dry time per day
    at $10 AUD per hour ($1 per 6min x 10) = $45.45 gross dryer revenue per day

    Yet owner has given me print out of his dryer revenue which is averaging $95.95 per day.

    Is my maths correct for calculating the gas utility usage? Or am I missing something?

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