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      I am searching for my first laundromat and am learning a lot. I hear on podcasts and forums that laundromats are fully attended, partly attended or unattended. For a laundromat open 12 hours per day and 7 days a week, that is 84 open hours a week. Am I correct that fully attended has attendants on duty for that 84 hours, partially attended is less (maybe half the hours?), and unattended is no attendant coverage just maintenance and cleaning services off hours. For the 84 hour/week scenario, fully attended would need 2 or 3 attendants and partially attended would need 1 or 2. Is this all correct? Are attendants paid minimum wage or is the pay higher than minimum wage? Thanks everyone.

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      Jason Dodge

        I have an unattended location and an attended location. The unattended location has one person that stops in twice a day. Once for about 45 minutes and the second time for a quick 15 minute cleanup. The unattended location is super small, like 1500 square feet. The store does good but simply can’t get the volume needed to afford a full time attendant.

        The attended location is a 5000 square foot location with good volume. We are open 7am to 10pm everyday for 105 hours a week. We need an attendant to help customers with the volume we do. Things just come up and we need to help people. We start pay around $10.00 and hour and minimum wage here is $7.50 an hour. Keep in mind that a $15.00 nationwide minimum wage will be a realty within a few years. So I simply run proformas with a $15.00 hourly wage when looking at new locations.

        A partially attended location you would have employees only during busy days or busy times of the day. Some newer equipment, once established for a period of time, will tell you when you are busy. Then you staff at those busy times. I would however take that data and run specials during slow times so I was busy at all times.


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        Jason Dodge

          I also usually hire one full time and several part time people but that really depends on you and who you find to work.

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