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    Jordan Berry

      I am not a seller I am a buyer as well. I am looking for a group of people who are currently in the process of buying a laundromat or are in the market looking to buy one.

      I have met a buyer like myself in one of those online seminars hosted by brokers for laundromat buyers. We have exchanged our contact information and have been kept in touch. They have found a laundromat for sale and have initiated the process of buying it. They are in the very initial stages of this process. I am still looking. We are chatting back and forth and they are sharing the information about laundromat with me. I am being an extra brain and helping the with the initial scoping of the business and due diligence process, and giving them input on what I think about the current prospect. They are getting input from a second person on this important decision, I am getting experience from being exposed to the information provided, and researching/using my own knowledge and providing them feedback. I am not a broker, but someone who has done their research in this. When I find a laundromat and start the buying process I will also share the info with them and they will provide feedback.

      We maintain communication via text on a weekly basis, upload documents and provide feedback, insight/opinions to one another.

      I am looking for 4 other individuals to join my personal text messaging group and we can exchange information and knowledge and help each other/provide details for “due diligence” to anyone in the group going through the process. It would be a good learning experience for everyone and the person going through the stages, will have free input during each step of their acquisition process. I don’t want anymore than 4 other individuals, as once we get anymore than 6 people total in the group, you lose efficiency. This connection will be useful as we exchange tips/experiences, issues running our first laundromats till the years to come.

      I am in the Los Angeles area.

      To the Moderator of the forums: I am not here to take away members or steal potential customers. I am only here to meet some people (3-4 at most) solely for the purposes stated above and who I will maintain constant contact with now and future as well.
      The thread in these forums are great, however they lack substance. There’s a lot of threads, but average reply is 3-4 replies; with barely any follow up posts. Personally, I prefer fewer pages of threads, but a long page(s) of replies to the same thread/topic.
      Thank you.

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